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City of Crystal River
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Special Events Department

The Special Events department is responsible for planning city events, as well as facilitating and assisting organizations with planning their own events within the City of Crystal River.  The special events department also manages all of the city social media accounts and serves as a liaison for the community and media. 

Planning an Event

The City events department has two types of event permits: Special Event Permit and Special Event Limited-Use Permit

All individuals, organizations, or businesses must submit a Special Event Application to the City of Crystal River for approval if:

  1. The use of City of Crystal River property is involved
  2. There will be sales of alcohol, outside of a currently held liquor license
  3. The event involves the closure of City of Crystal River or Citrus County roads
  4.  Tent sales or any large outdoor sales outside of a currently held business license
  5. Any event charging a fee for entrance or sales of any kind

Special Events Permit

Individuals, organizations, or businesses may be able to submit a Limited-Use Special Event Application to the City of Crystal River for approval if:

  1. None of the above conditions apply to the event
  2. The organization requesting the permit is a non-profit, educational, or government entity
  3. The event is only requesting partial use of a city property for less than 1 day
  4. The event is sponsored or organized in part by the City of Crystal River

Special Event Limited Use Permit

Becoming an Event Vendor

The City events department accepts vendors on a per-event basis.  Applications are sent out prior to each event and vendors are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  The City events department reserves the right to refuse any vendor at any time for any reason. Please check the individual event page on this website for current applications. 

To become a food vendor with the City events department you must submit a food vendor application and supporting documentation once and then apply for each individual event.  Food vendor application must be submitted complete with all supporting documentation to be accepted. 

Food Vendor Packet

Sponsor an Event


The City events department welcomes community partners who are interested in becoming event sponsors.  Through great partnerships with area businesses the events department is able to expand on the services it provides to residents and visitors.  Becoming an event sponsor is a great way to build brand recognition and be viewed in a fun, positive light by the community.  Sponsorship packages are built around individual businesses products and need by the events coordinator.  Both year round and individual event sponsorships are available.  If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor please contact Leslie Bollin, Special Events Coordinator at lbollin@crystalriverfl.org or 352-795-4216 x 307. 



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  • Music event Lights at Music Concert

  • Girls in parade St. Patrick's Day parade

  • Children and the Grinch Christmas Tree Lighting Event

  • Movie shown on the Beach Movie on the Beach Event

  • Family Fun Day Event Girls at Family Fun Day

  • Concert at Bandshell Music Under the Stars Event

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