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City of Crystal River
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Special Event Permits 

and other special event related documents

Are you interested in doing a special event in the City of Crystal River?  You will need a Special Event Permit if:

  1. The use of City of Crystal River property is involved
  2. There will be sales of alcohol, outside of a currently held liquor license
  3. The event involves the closure of City of Crystal River or Citrus County roads
  4. Tent sales or any large outdoor sales outside of a currently held business license
  5. You are a for-profit company

You do not need any permits if you are:

  1. Funeral and wedding processions
  2. Groups of students involved in exercising as part of an organized school sports turnout
  3. Special events sponsored in whole by the City of Crystal River
  4. Gatherings of thirty (30) or fewer people in a city park, unless merchandise or services are offered for sale
  5. Parades involving a total of thirty (30) or fewer pedestrians marching along a parade route that is restricted to marching on sidewalks, and crossing streets only at pedestrian crosswalks in accordance with traffic regulations and controls.

Leslie Bollin
Special Events Coordinator
City of Crystal River
352-795-4216 x 307

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