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City of Crystal River
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Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge

Three Sisters Aerial View
Three Sisters Springs is one of the most beautiful spring system in Kings Bay and the most important for wintering manatees. Three Sisters Springs provides critical habitat for Florida Manatee, a subspecies of the West Indian Manatee, populations that migrate here each winter.
In addition to the establishment of Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, manatees are also protected in Kings Bay by seven federal manatee sanctuaries (November-March), and the recent designation (2012) of the entire Kings Bay area as the Kings Bay Manatee Refuge (or Kings Bay Manatee Protection Area).
Idiot's Delight Area with Manatee
Visitor Land access to Three Sisters Springs Refuge to observe the manatees in a favorite location for the winter is available exclusively through their website.
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Three Sisters Springs Refuge (To Book your Visit to Three Sisters Springs)
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